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ACC134 6 VOLT REGULATOR * Maxx Products 5-Cell Rx packs offer many advantages. It allows servos to turn faster with more torque. More imporantly, it offers extra safety margin. When a cell in the Rx pack goes bad, you still have four cells to operate the radio system safely. Most ser-vos and receivers are designed to operate with four alkaline batteries, i.e., 6 volt. However, the voltage of a freshly charged 5-cell pack can be as high as 7 volts. As a result, it could cause jittering or permanent damage to servos and receivers. The MPI 6.0 or 5.4 Volt Regulator provides a turn-key solution for this situation. ò When input voltage is higher than 6V / 5.4V, the output is regulated to 6V / 5.4V to stabilized the circurity, ò When input voltage is less than 6V / 5.4V, the regulator is bypassed to provide the highest voltage available to the receiver and servos. How to choose? Use ACC134 for maximum servo speed and torque. Use ACC139 for some equipment that is not rated for 6.0V, like certain servos and gyros. It is very easy to install this regulator, simply plug it in between switch har-ness and receiver. ThatÆs it! If you plug it between Rx pack and switch harness, it will work too. Except, you wonÆt be able to charge your Rx pack from the charging plug and it will drain the Rx battery slowly. Voltage Regulator ACC134, 6.0V ACC139, 5.4V Operation The regulator is rated for 10 watts of power dissipation. This means the current capacity decreases as the voltage increases. Please follow the chart below for current ca-pacity
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